Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day, Friend or Foe?

I can only say that the view one takes of Valentine's Day depends on personal perspective. Having just read that a radio station in New Zealand promoted a contest for someone to "Win" a Divorce from an unsuspecting spouse and that the spouse would be informed of her husband's desire to divorce via the radio show on Valentine's Day no less, I can imagine that for this woman, her Valentine's Day will be forever memorable, and in a devastating way. However, this is due to my point-of-view; the point-of-view that sees marriage as a sacred commitment of love and honor, an intimate covenant of oneness and unity, parallel only in aspiring likeness to one's relationship with God Himself. However, with the radio station footing the bill for the "winner," and the "surprise" being revealed on-air, I see no reason for celebration.

You never know what is going on in the life or marriage of someone else, at least not most people's. That couple that you long to be like just may have a devastating secret reality hidden behind closed doors. One thing that I have learned through working with others in counseling and coaching is that no matter how "put together" someone or some couple looks on the "outside," there may very well be a reality in that person or couple that is quite different from what you might suspect.

So, what to learn from this? If you have your special someone to spend this Valentine's Day with, rejoice and thank the Lord! Enjoy the day, and enjoy the company of the one who makes your heart rejoice. However, if you are feeling sad, and you long for a love connection that makes romance novels jealous, don't add to your misery by comparing your lot to that cuddling couple on TV, your college roommate's relationship, or any other "happy" couple. Happy Couples do exist, but your happiness or sadness should never be based on the happiness or sadness that you perceive in just never know their take on the situation.

... and you never know, next Valentine's Day may be your best yet! (even if this one is classified as Fabulous!)