Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Play Nice

I watched the following, and I enjoyed the humor of it. As a math challenged person, I could see myself going down the same type of trail for "logic." I knew the answer to the question in this instance, but there have certainly been a few times that I "just don't get it." I own that proudly, as that is just a part of me...just like a part of me "gets" how to have a great marriage. Watch the fun clip, and then look below for my more serious take...

Here is my take:

1) The clip was fun, but only if the husband posted it with his wife's consent, not if he was embarassing her by doing so.

2) He appears to have turned the camera off when she told him to (which was kind and good) but filming her while laughing at her logic could have felt to her like he was laughing at her.

3) A wife needs a husband to protect her and to guard her heart.

4) Even if she was laughing along with him on the outside after the fact, is he sure that she wasn't hurting deeply on the inside?

Important Lesson: In marriage, kindness sometimes needs to trump logic. Be real with your mate if something is hurting you, and listen when your mate asks you to stop. Trust is built or shattered in these seemingly innocent moments.