Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Healing, it's not in the chicken soup!

Well, one (hopefully last) cold of the season just nastily took our family of five by storm in the past week.  Fevers, stuffy noses, deep, hacking coughs, chills, nausea, and all the fun of all that those entail came in full force.  So, we stocked up on the ginger ale, oj, chicken soup, Puffs soft tissue, piled on the blankets, snuggled on the coach, and we basically were miserable together. 

While I would definitely not desire to meet on the coach with my husband and kids in this condition on a regular basis, I have to say that my misery did love the company....who was also miserable, of course.  The thing is, togetherness made it more tolerable, possibly even more survivable.  The germs had me wishing for the kindness of death, but knowing that my husband and kids value me in their lives kept me fighting.  It may seem extreme to say this, as I wasn't at death's door, but I truly felt like the rest death might offer from the brunt of the illness would be a welcome relief (I appear to have been the one of us most severely hit/out the longest with the symptoms).

Having a God/the God to turn to in prayer when every fiber of my body wanted to expire, having His strength, and having the love of those I love most in this world buoyed me until healing came back bit by bit.  Just knowing that I am not alone in whatever I face, good or bad, is enough to make me grateful for each new day.

This is the stuff worth fighting for.  Marriages and families are casualties of divorce all the time, leaning on God falls by the wayside in favor of people out to find self-fulfillment or happiness in seemingly greener pastures.  The problem is, the answers to life's challenges are never found outside of God's design, and marriage and family unity is His design for when things are great and for when things are hard.  Life is worth living, but the healing and support isn't ultimately and truly found in the ginger ale or the chicken soup.