Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reach for Help

What is it about humans that we would rather suffer in silence then reach out for help? Perhaps it is pride or the fact that we think we're strong enough on our own, perhaps we think society expects us to be able to do everything in our own power, without needing anybody else, or perhaps it is that old American tradition of individualism and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps? Whatever it is, I am certain of one thing, it can be deadly. It can destroy marriages, bodies, and society. For God never meant for us to be isolated. He never meant for us to suffer in silence. He gave us His son, Jesus, because we cannot save ourselves...literally or figuratively. God wants us to live in community and relationship with others, to help lift others up and receive the help we need. People keep marriage issues silent from friends, family, and pastors, and counselors until it is so dire that mountains need to be climbed rather than ant hills. Some hide depressive thoughts or even suicidal ones which get stuffed inside rather than to make a phone call or see a physician. Don't let this be you. If you are putting on a brave exterior when your inner being is crying for help, reach out. We can't help each other when we don't know where the suffering is.