Friday, July 6, 2012

7 Tips for Resting and Planning

When you have free time, how do you spend it?  What?  You don't seem to have any free time?  I'm not surprised.  Life is often easily crowded with multiple responsibilities.  Yet, as we face a brand new weekend, I'd like to encourage you to carve out 15-60 minutes just to rest, regroup, and plan.  Sometimes, taking the time to rest and think can save us so much more time than going about life drained and frazzled. 

Here are some steps for a refreshing time-out:

1) Find a secluded place- your bedroom with the door closed, your parked car (assuming it isn't sweltering in this heat! ;-), a park bench, a corner of your backyard....whatever works for you!

2) Play a song or two of music you love-if this is readily available and will not add to your stress, otherwise, skip it.

3) Shut your eyes, and Take 3-5 sets of deep breath in for the count of 10, hold for five seconds, and release it out for a count of 20.-  Feel more relaxed already?

4) Offer up a prayer.- Let God know your heart, and take time to listen to HIM.  (Eyes still shut can lead to better rest and concentration).

5) Rest.

6) Consider what your life priorities are.-  How well are you meeting them?  What are a few things (3 or 4) that you can do in the next week that can help you to gain a better overall outlook or gain perspective on how to approach your life better, for more effectiveness, less stress, and greater benefit to your priorities?  (For instance: Can you make a call or send an e-mail to resign from an activity that is causing your whole family undo stress?  Can you choose to delegate a household chore to another member of the family? Can you choose to attend church on Saturday night rather than Sunday morning, grocery shop on Monday morning rather than Sunday night, or exercise at home instead of driving 10 miles out of your way to go to the gym?)  What will make your life easier and most effective, aligning your desires with God's design and your life priorities?

7) Go take on the new week!