Friday, July 13, 2012

Moving to a New Blog Address...Please Come Along!


I have recently recognized that the address of this blog is not consistent with our Facebook page address, our website, etc... .  Therefore, as I need to make all of our marriage coaching business addresses cohesive,  I needed to drop the "the" from this blog's that it will read "marriage guy and gal" rather than "the marriage guy and gal."

Well, I didn't do it right, so I now have the pesky situation of having two blog sites.....but this one you are seeing right now (since it has the "the" and shouldn't) will be discontinued.  Therefore, I'll be posting only on the other from now on and eventually will discontinue this.  I plan to transfer as much content as is feasible, so I hope there will be decent enough archived posts.  However, the new blog is now at:

I am sorry for this, and humbly ask that you, a member or a new passerby,  please click the link to our new site and register as a member there.   Thanks for following us!

Hope to see you over at

Blessings, Michelle and Tim