Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Clearing out the Clutter

Spring and Early Summer is a natural time to do some housecleaning.  You can open up the windows, get some fresh air circulating, and clear out the clutter in your home.  I love this type of day!  I love that I can spend some time tossing the papers and boxing up to give away the things that are just taking up room in our home and making a clear, clean, new slate.
Our lives are a lot like a house that has been closed up for the season.  We take in the good that happens to us, but we also acquire a lot of things that are not beneficial to us.  We have anxieties and fears lurking in the dusty corners of our being, bitterness, jealousy, and hate that has taken root, selfish negative desires, broken hearts, and overwhelmed souls.

However, it is the season to fling open your spirit to the wonderful healing God wants to do in your life, in your marriage, in your family, and in your home.  What is cluttering your life, and what is getting in the way?  Give it to Him.  He can make all things bright and shiny, even better than Spring Cleaning, but it is a process. 

Just like you can't likely completely declutter and deep clean a two-story house in only one day, our lives often have lifetimes of toxic build-up.  So, start to clear out your spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental clutter, and if you need help, seek it out.  Friends, family members, clergy, or a Christian coach or therapist can help you cleanse yourself of the broken things which no longer work for you and help you to grasp on to the brand new experiences and freedom which God has for you!

P.S.  If you need help with relationship/marriage issues or self-esteem issues, (or questions :-) don't hesitate to post here, and I will answer, or visit our website for coaching services at: www.marriageguyandgal.com

Blessings on your day!