Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rest and Rejuvenation

Do you ever just feel like you want to pause the world for awhile to catch your breath?  I know that my husband and I do.  We would love to be able to pause time to spend even more time together and with the kids, to get caught up on household tasks, and to get caught up on work, and errands! 

While that type of situation isn't likely to happen, (unless we have enough vacation days, but on vacation days, who wants to work?) there is a built in day for relaxation each week.  Do you take advantage of it?

In the past year or so, I and my family members have taken the concept of Sabbath a bit more seriously than we had.  We don't make it specifically a Saturday or a Sunday, but we do try to make it one or the other, simply because they are the ones most likely not to have work scheduled into them.  I suppose that a Sabbath could easily be a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or the two days I left out, without it really changing the importance of setting aside a day for God as well as rest and rejuvenation.  In the Bible, we are told that the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath, so I take that to mean that we don't have to be religiously strict about what we do or do not allow ourselves to do on our Sabbath but that it would make sense for it to be refreshing to our spirits and our bodies.

Sometimes, I am tempted to make my Sabbath a day for getting caught up on the things that there didn't seem to be time for during the week, but (since that "pause button" does not exist) I remind myself that God intentionally planned for us to have a day each week that is set-apart for Him and for our good.

Turns out that once I determine that a certain day is my Sabbath, I forget about the chores on which I need to catch up, and I happily choose to relax.  Again, beneficial choices become easier the more and more we practice making them.  Often, this means church, a nap, a movie with the family, and a meal out at a restaurant, but it could mean a walk in nature, praising the Lord in song, Bible reading, and eating a hot dog with your favorite toppings.  I'm pretty sure that it is the concept that God was wanting us to grasp, that life is about Him, and that He grants us peace and rest. 

How about you?  What do you enjoy about the Sabbath, and if you don't take one, why not start today!