Thursday, June 21, 2012

Focus in Your Desert Place

Are you feeling like you are just hanging-in-there, waiting for your big break to come, a situation to turn around, or life to offer you more than you are getting?

Don’t give up.  Sometimes life means treading water for a while or a desert season.  However, don’t forget that there is beauty in the desert. 

Deserts are filled with scrub, brush, and dust, but they are also filled with Spring-times of flowers on top of 40-foot Saguaro cacti and Prickly Pear cacti, flittering cactus wrens, jack-rabbits, and deer.  Even the barren desert in the winter offers views that might take your mind from focusing on the twigs to the washes running with seldom seen water that melted from the mountains surrounding the desert. 

Whether arid and dry or budding with new life, where is your focus?  Focus can turn the scene from desolate to amazing.  Wherever you are in life, right now, take the time to focus on gaining a new vantage point, one that makes your view a bit more encompassing of what the present time really means for you.  Is it a time to re-new your strength?  Is it a time to mourn, grieve, and heal?  Is it a time to take that next step in faith and keep chugging? 

Whatever your season of life, don’t forget that this season will not last forever.   Milk it for all it is worth!  Even if that means it is just a season to re-group and re-focus….there is no reason not to  seek the Lord for where you are and for where you are going.  He will lead you to your next step!