Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was a bad day, and Today has been a good one.  In my mind (which I'll freely admit is both creative and quite unique; yeah, we'll just go with that description :-), I classify days into four types: Good Days, Bad Days, Really Good Days, and Really Bad days.   So that you can follow my path of thought, I'll start with describing the Really Bad days. 
Really Bad days are the ones where someone I love dies, is struggling in a nursing home, is fighting for life in some way, or has been severely hurt in some way. Conversely, Really Good Days are the ones where I just so clearly see and feel God shining down: the promotion comes through, the bonus comes through, a loved one gets a much needed answer to prayer, mountains are undeniably moved in my own or my loved ones lives.

Then, there are the regular Good Days and Bad Days.  I consider Good Days to be most every day that life is going along status quo, there is a roof over our heads, there is food on the table, God is on the throne, and my loved ones and myself are not facing any severe trials (such as those in the Really Bad Days category).  Consequently, Bad Days are really, in general, Good Days which merely have some uncomfortable components to them. 

Yesterday was one of those kinds of days for me. 

I had to be somewhere for a 7am appointment that did not go as planned.  The puppy's "routine" visit to the vet ended up costing way more than we had budgeted (Grateful for Dave Ramsey's Emergency Fund step), and I ended up not feeling very well by late afternoon, which made me pretty miserable throughout the evening.

Then, there was today, a day that I had been concerned about how it would work out.  I had a one-hour class to teach at 12pm on the complete opposite side of town from where I needed to be by 2pm and to which I still needed to get directions.  In between, I needed to pick up my kids to take them to the 2pm activity, stop at a grocery store to get cookies for it, and finish putting the final touches on my children's homeschool portfolios which were going to be evaluated at the 2pm activity.  I knew it looked like it promised to be rough, again.

However, today is a good day (bordering on Really Good ;-)!  My 12pm class ended early by more than 10 minutes, my smart-phone really was smart and found the gps directions right away to something that I merely had a name and a city for rather than a street address, the kids were ready to go when I got home, the portfolios were complete, the sun was shining, the grocery store trip quick and relatively easy, and everything that needed to be accomplished at the 2pm meeting could not have gone better! (Portfolio reviews went great, and they even had a great lunch spread where I could still stay on my eating plan).  Hooray!! 

Now, if I had based today on the concerns I had for it or on how yesterday went, I would have likely not wanted to get out of bed this morning, and if I had known what yesterday was going to be like, I would likely not have wanted to get out of bed then either! However, each day is a brand new day; a brand new start to see what adventure awaits.  God is still on the throne, no matter how we classify our days, and Good or Bad, He holds us.

So, if today (or any day) isn't going well for you, wait for tomorrow.  God always has something good for you right around the corner!

--Matthew 6:34: "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own." (NIV)