Friday, June 22, 2012

God Created You, and He Loves You Very Much

God Created You and Loves You Very Much

The other day, I shared about a concept that my children have all learned at church…..considering if they are making the wise choice in regard to whatever dilemma comes along. 
Today, I want to focus on another of the gems that our children’s church pours into the lives of those it teaches.  “God created you, and He loves you very much.”  This concept alone can erase the insecurities of all those who truly believe it and practice the knowledge as they go through life.   It can help those whose spouses or parents have been less than supportive or may have been downright critical.  It can help the young child and the elder who feels alone in the nursing home.  “God created you, and He loves you very much.”   What if we all focused on the richness of this truth in our own lives?  God, the One and only Creator of the Universe and all that is in it, determined that He wanted you and me to grace this planet at this time in HIStory.  Wow!!!   Guess what else?  When we grasp this, we can then share it with others!  Taking the truth to the children, spouses, elders, nursing homes, orphans, single mothers, homosexuals, prostitutes, and the various communities we touch with our God created lives could revolutionize the world.  How about we start with affirming this truth in ourselves right now?!    “God Created Me, and He Loves Me Very Much.”    “God Created YOU, and HE loves YOU very much!”