Friday, June 8, 2012

Filling Your Life with the Right Rocks

Recently, I heard a really awesome parable by a Christian teacher, just wish I could remember his name!  Anyway, the story went something like this: 

(Hint: This may not be the analogy you think it is, lol!  It wasn't what I expected, either.)

A pastor wanted to teach his congregation about how to fill the 24 hours that each person gets per day.  He pulled out a very large, clear, glass jar, and into it he placed five large rocks.  He asked his audience if the jar was full.  The audience said, "Yes."  It looked full to them.        

The pastor then picked up a container which held some gravel, and he poured the gravel into the jar. The gravel fell in and filled in around the five large stones. He again asked his audience if the jar was full.  The audience, now catching on, said, "No."

"Correct," said the pastor.  He then pulled out a container of sand, and he poured that in the jar.  The sand, like the gravel, fell in and filled in all around the contents already in the jar.

Again, the pastor asked the audience his question, "Is the jar full?"  The audience kept watching.

Finally, the pastor took out a large container of water and poured it into the jar.  The water all fit.  Now, the jar was truly and finally full.

The moral of the story?   

Nope!  "The moral is not that we can always find more ways to fit more things into our 24 hours," said the pastor.  "The moral is that if we don't put our most important priorities in to our days (or our large rocks into our jars) that they will never be able to fit in to the busyness of everyday life."

What are your top, big rocks?  Fit them in first in your day to make sure that they get in there, lol!