Monday, June 4, 2012

For God and Husband (or Wife)

You know what I am thinking about alot today?  Going back to basics. 

What are the things that absolutely must be in place to keep things running smoothly in life?

Dishes?   Laundry?   Doctor Appointments? 

Yes, any of those things can be necessary to home efficiency and health.  However, if you are married, there are even two more primary relationship basics that I am thinking need to have priority over any of the three (although the dishes and laundry certainly can't wait too long, LOL!)

1) How is your relationship with the Lord?  2)  How is your relationship with your husband?

As I have been personally seeking how to make all the business of life fall into place and to grow closer to the Lord, I realized that God hasn't changed or moved.  If I am not feeling close to Him, then, as in human relationships, I need to talk with him and listen to Him.

Interestingly, when I began to intentionally take time to pray at the beginning of the day, I began to feel closer to Him (and I certainly pray any time, but intentionally starting the day is a recent thing in my life--not that I've not done it before, but busy-ness got in the way, ya know?)

The same thing works in marriage.  If we feel that we are drifting apart, we can choose to commit to talking...even better: communicating.  Carving out direct time each day to both speak and listen to our spouse.  In that, relationship grows, and we grow closer.

Finally, I am also recognizing that I want to make another commitment....making the choice to pray for my husband intentionally each day.  Wow!  Communicating with God on behalf of my husband...A Definite Win-Win!!

Today, I prayed, really prayed for my husband, and I am so glad I did.  Men carry a lot of weight on their shoulders, and if we wives can help them through practical ways and prayer, it is our privilege to do so.

Have you prayed today?  Have you talked with your spouse today?  Have you prayed for your spouse today?

No matter your answer, no matter if you have been doing so for years or never thought of it, we can both be intentional to do these things today!  Join me?