Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Making the Wise Choice

Our family has been very blessed to be a part of an amazing church for the past eight years.  We all look forward to going each Sunday, and part of what makes the experience so rich is that our children are learning eternal truths through fun and practical ways. 
The middle-schooler’s are lead by wacky people who love to utilize the shocking to make the lessons stick, from slime to banana mashing, the young teens love it!  We are happy, if not slightly grossed out by some of the activities, but our 13-year-old son is continuing to flourish in his love of the Lord and knowledge of His ways. 
For the younger children, Kindergarten through 5th, the church focuses on teaching three main truths, and while all are of primary importance, one of them has been resonating with me over the past week.  This precept is “I need to make the Wise Choice.”  
After having all three of our children learn this over the past (near) decade, it has come to mean a lot to our family as we see how truly wise this concept is.  I have called upon this concept in my counseling/coaching work, and I have also used this concept when evaluating what will be helpful or not to my own situations.
So, I figure that it only makes sense for me to share this saying with you, so that you, too, may benefit!   
Before you say something that you aren’t sure you should say, or before you do something that you are not sure if you should do, consider the question, “What is the Wise Choice?”   Simply stopping to think about this concept can help us all to avoid making decisions that might be better off left avoided.
I hope my kids never forget this phrase, and I am sure that I am going to get lots of mileage out of it over the coming years!   “I need to make the wise choice.”