Thursday, June 7, 2012

Guiding You Child's Heart

Today, I got to see the beauty in the Pennsylvania summer that is soon approaching, and I got to enjoy the mild, sunny weather by taking my kids out to a playground at our local park.  It was filled with kids, and all looked to be having a great time.

However, I noticed the parents.  Some were busy talking to each other, some merely sat and waited, and some talked their children through various rules.

The children were just as unique in what they chose to do.  Some played on their own.  Some played with friends, and some teamed up with new acquaintances made right then and there on the playground.

We are each different in what we choose to do, how we choose to do it, with whom we choose to do whatever we choose, and how we both take-in and look at the world around us.

As parents, we have the special responsibility to be able to guide our children's worldview, shape their hearts and minds, and direct them in what we believe to be the most beneficial paths for them to take.

What are the things that you notice about your child?  Is he quiet and reserved?  Does she dance a lot?  Is she a natural leader, or he a natural born thinker?  Is your child sensitive to the needs of others, driven to succeed at every task, humble and unassuming?

No matter what your child's make-up, God has built into your child(ren) amazing gifts and abilities that no one else on earth can quite deliver in the same way.  Only your child can make the unique contributions that God has designed (him/her) to provide to this world.

One of the ways that we can support this is to notice the traits that He has placed in each of our children and to cultivate that which He has planted.  Never worry yourself with comparing your child to others, as no other was ever created to be that specific person, and God is much too wise to make anything that is not necessary.  Our children are exquisitely fashioned by the Creator to be exactly as He desires them to be.  Let's pray and guide their hearts according to the way He fashioned them!